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Formulary Resources helps organizations make more informed and timely decisions about the adoption and use of prescription drugs. We do this by:

  • Assisting pharmaceutical manufacturers by developing dossiers in the AMCP-compliant Format for Formulary Submissions.
  • Assisting Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees by developing drug monographs and therapeutic class reviews.
  • Providing strategic economic and clinical consultative services, including market research, to our customers.

Formulary Resources generates, synthesizes, and communicates information on new and existing drugs to meet the needs of the health care industry's various stakeholders, including Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees and pharmaceutical companies. By providing the required information for formulary decisions in proper formats and in a timely manner, Formulary Resources accelerates the appropriate review and consideration of formulary placement and use of prescription drugs.

We strive to promote and practice evidence-based decision making, and through the services we provide, improve the cost-efficiency and outcomes of pharmaceutical use.


Request a copy of AMCP's Format for Formulary Submissions, Version 2.1.

Click the link above to send us an email requesting the document. Please provide your name, title and organization on the email. We will reply with the paper attached.

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